What people say

Al’s one of the sharpest, most creative people I know. He’s the go-to-guy for clear, practical strategic thinking, he’s written just about anything you can possibly imagine and he can help you write much better words too. And most importantly, he’s a lot of fun to work with.

Emily Ryan, Head of The Converts

Al’s great at bringing big events to life! He catches the big picture and makes it unforgettable, and he’ll dig right into the details and make sure they’re all adding to the story too. He’s built up a lot of writing experience over the years, from speeches and films to brand names and websites, and he’s a very creative thinker, so he’s a big help all the way from the first project pitch to the CEO’s set piece keynote.

Jane Brighton, Head of Creative Production & Executive Producer, Imagination

We loved working with Al. He didn’t just work out what we wanted to say – he got to know how we think and who we really are. Then he brought it all to life on our website and in our proposals, nailing our tone in a heartbeat. Now they connect with the people we need to reach much more quickly and impactfully. Cheers Al!

Simon Nixon, CEO, Carpenter Farraday

Over the ten or so years I’ve worked with Al, he’s been a huge asset to every project. Unflappable under pressure, fantastic at holding a room, reliable and responsive. Whenever I need some intellectual or creative firepower, I bring in Al. He’s a real all-rounder, and clients love him.

Heather Atchison, Director, Enough Said

I’ve just seen Al Robertson speak about branding, and about what he can do as a brand language consultant, and also how he can give tips in helping people repurpose their language, their voice and their story around their brand. He’s absolutely excellent; insightful with an unusual point of view. If you want to rebrand in any way, or enhance your brand to communicate more effectively with your market, he really is your man. Give him a whirl, or get him in to speak to you.

Deborah Henley, Speaker, Storyteller & Facilitator

Al’s a very experienced writer, a smart thinker and a great storyteller. He’s written everything from finance presentations to a 50 minute dramatised audio tour for me, and he made sure their audiences were gripped from start to finish. Because he’s a sharp strategist too, he’ll help you shape the bigger vision as well as finding words that fit right into it.

Boz Temple Morris, Creative Producer

Al has a knack for delivering science fiction prototyping stories that are intelligent, provocative and entertaining.

Ari Popper, Founder & CEO, SciFutures

Al was a speaker at a Wired Sussex Breakfast Session on ‘Telling Your Brand’s Story’ that we held in April 2019 and he was fantastic. His content was extremely informative and he had the audience fully engaged throughout. He also helped lead a great discussion that was held after the talks which many of the attendees said they really benefited from. Thanks Al!

Jasmin Kidgell, Events Coordinator, Wired Sussex