Some technology clients


Bedding in Vodafone UK’s new brand tone

Tone of voice, training, coaching, copywriting

I spent over a year working with Vodafone UK for Afia. After helping define their new tone of voice, I ran an extended programme of day-long training sessions for their agencies and several hundred of their staff. There was a fair bit of onsite coaching too, and a lot of editing, copywriting and general word-related trouble-shooting.

Helping a fintech scale-up define its offer

Content strategy, tone of voice, copywriting

One of London’s fastest growing fintech companies needed help explaining its offer to potential clients with little or no tech knowledge. Working through The Marketing Eye, I helped its management team define why the company exists, what it offers and how it works. I also gave basic tone of voice guidance and brought their new brand thinking to life with some key document rewrites.

Bringing tomorrow to life for SciFutures

Storytelling, futurology

SciFutures are an LA based science fiction prototyping agency. They bring the future to life for big corporate and consumer brands by telling stories about what’s coming next. I’ve written short fictions for them exploring the impact of all sorts of different technologies on various different tomorrows.    

Creating an IT giant‘s brand personality

Brand strategy

Afia asked me to run workshops in Dusseldorf, Paris and London, and interview people across Europe, to help an IT infrastructure provider understand its different national personalities and pin down the values all of its employees share. All the conversations came together in the creation of a single, universal brand personality that’s inspiring the whole company to work together as one.

Explaining HealthLumen’s high tech offer


Healthlumen model how millions of people will react to health challenges, decades into the future. That’s very useful for senior pharma people, policymakers, thinktanks and charities. But because it’s based on some very complex technology, it’s hard to explain. Working with Afia, I cut through the technical jargon to write their simple, effective benefits driven website.

Writing WeTeachCRO‘s must-read booklet


WeTeachCRO are a specialist conversion rate optimisation agency. They make sure that the people who come to your website buy from your website. They wanted to grab the attention of potential agency partners, making sure their offer stood out from the crowd. I wrote the snappy, punchy sales brochure that explained why their partners really need them.