Some professional services clients


Helping Accenture Ireland strategise

Content strategy

I travelled to Dublin to interview various senior Accenture Ireland people in the run up to a day-long, company-wide strategy event, helping them pull their speeches into shape. Then I worked on the event itself, pinning down its personality and giving its content a clear strategic focus.

Setting the tone for Carpenter Farraday‘s website

Tone of voice, copywriting

City recruitment agency Carpenter Farraday were rebuilding their website. I helped them think through what they wanted to say on it, and find the best words and the right tone of voice to say it. Then I ran their new tone through some of their other comms, creating new pitch and proposal templates and a couple of blogposts for them.

A new brand personality for Tilt

Brand strategy

I’ve been helping Brighton digital mavens Tilt work out how to tell the world the story of who they are and what they do. It’s been fascinating pinning down the brand personality of such a diversely skilled and talented group of people – and it’s helped them sharpen up their sales process and make clearer decisions about who they work with.