Some FMCG clients


Showing Ronseal what to say on the tin

Tone of voice, content strategy, training

Ronseal wanted to take a good, hard look at how they used words. Working with Afia, I helped them understand how their brand personality had changed over the last twenty years. Then I created a new tone of voice for them, bedding it in with two day training sessions for them and their agencies. Along the way I helped them develop a more efficient content development and sign-off process.

Helping Twinings name their teas

Content strategy, brand naming, copywriting

Brand writing experts Afia brought me in to help Twinings create a content strategy for the front of their packs. I looked at how the big brands talk about their teas, interrogated Twinings’ own approach to writing, designed and ran an exploratory workshop then created a naming and descriptor writing guide for them. It’s packed with practical advice and creative examples to help Twinings people across the world write uniquely enticing, alluring pack copy.