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Closing an account for the Bank of Ireland

Writing linked letters, texts and call centre scripts

The Bank of Ireland used to run the Post Office’s current account service. When they decided to withdraw the account, they had to let every single account holder know and help them decide what to do next. I worked through creative agency Enough Said to plan out and write the chain of letters, texts and call centre scripts that guided account holders through the account closure process.    

Setting the tone for Carpenter Farraday’s website

Creating a tone of voice, writing a website and other comms

City recruitment agency Carpenter Farraday were rebuilding their website. I helped them think through what they wanted to say on it, and find the best words and the right tone of voice to say it. Then I ran their new tone through some of their other comms, creating new pitch and proposal templates and a couple of blogposts for them.

Helping a major new charity go live

Writing a strategy guide, drafting key sections of an annual report

One of our big heritage organisations has just stepped out of government control to become a charity. Working through Afia, I wrote the strategy guide that explains their new status and approach to their staff, their volunteers and their donors. I followed that up by drafting key sections of their first ever annual report.

Explaining HealthLumen’s high tech offer

Writing a website communicating tech expertise in clear, simple language

Healthlumen model how millions of people will react to health challenges, decades into the future. That’s very useful for senior pharma people, policymakers, thinktanks and charities. But because it’s based on some very complex technology, it’s hard to explain. Working with Afia, I cut through the technical jargon to write their simple, effective benefits driven website.

Making Legal & General clearer and warmer

Training senior teams, rethinking a writing process, writing docs

Legal & General wanted to make sure their new tone of voice was really working. Afia asked me to run a series of one day ToV training workshops for them. I also helped them rethink their key features document copywriting process. I rebuilt every stage, from first briefing through document planning and writing to editing and final sign off, along the way drafting four new KFDs.

Winning new business for Mastercard

Working internationally to edit 50,000 word proposals

Mastercard’s new business proposals are usually more than 50,000 words long, and assembled from many different international sources. I worked with international teams, against tight deadlines, to pull together and edit four of them.

Clarifying Portfolio Metrix’s complex products

Explaining financial products to non-financial specialists

PortfolioMetrix creates and manages investment products for investment advisers. They wanted to help those advisers explain their model portfolio services to potential customers. Working through The Marketing Eye, I translated some very complex product descriptions into a brochure that advisers can use to help people with little or no financial expertise make the right investment decisions.

Bringing tomorrow to life for SciFutures

Writing 500 word science fiction prototyping short stories

SciFutures are an LA based science fiction prototyping agency. They bring the future to life for big corporate and consumer brands by telling stories about what’s coming next. I’ve written short fictions for them exploring the impact of all sorts of different technologies on various different tomorrows.  

Creating an audio tour of Strawberry Hill House

Writing a 45 minute audio drama

The newly refurbished Strawberry Hill House needed a guide as quirkily splendid as it is. I dug into its history, adopted the voice of Sir Horace Walpole (inventor of the Gothic and builder of the house) and wrote the audioguide as a 45 minute audio drama, centred on the man, his achievement and his eccentricities. Here are some clips from it – Horace introduces his dining room, discovers that a tour party has helped itself to some souvenirs then exults as they guiltily flee.

Rebranding & rewriting the Tallow Chandlers

Defining brand messaging and tone of voice, writing a website

The Tallow Chandlers are one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. They’ve been part of its fabric for at least five hundred and fifty years. I helped them create a new brand personality and tone of voice that makes their rich history and wide-ranging charitable activities directly relevant to people today. Then I brought it all to life by copywriting their new website.

Editing a flagship policy guide for Transform

Editing a 232 page book, writing a 24 page exec summary

Drug legalisation campaigners Transform wanted to set out, in detail, what a legally regulated system of drug control could look like in practice. I edited the 232 page book that did it and wrote a 24 page executive summary to support it. The book’s been downloaded over half a million times and has become a key text in the responsible regulation debate.

Writing WeTeachCRO’s must-read booklet

Turning tech-speak into an attention-grabbing brochure

WeTeachCRO are a specialist conversion rate optimisation agency. They make sure that the people who come to your website buy from your website. They wanted to grab the attention of potential agency partners, making sure their offer stood out from the crowd. I wrote the snappy, punchy sales brochure that explained why their partners really need them.