Can I help you write better words?

I love helping people use words more effectively. So, I’ve put together some short storytelling and business writing guides that’ll help you do just that. Just click on the links below to download them.

How to tell your brand as a story

Here’s a 15 minute talk I gave at Wired Sussex about how to tell your brand as a story:

And here’s my short written guide to brand storytelling. It’ll help you:

  • Understand how to structure a story
  • Tell the story of your own business in a clear, compelling way
  • Play an essential role in your customers’ business story

Just click to download your brand storytelling guide.

How to write better documents with less stress and hassle

This is a clear, simple business writing process, tone of voice and style guide. It’ll help you create documents that:

  • Are quick and easy to read and understand
  • Get your message across clearly and compellingly
  • Don’t take forever to write, rewrite and sign off

Just click to download your better writing guide.

How to write better blog posts for your business

I blogged about how to write blog posts. It’s a three minute read, but I’ve packed a lot into it. It’ll help you:

  • Come up with lots of on-brand, interesting blog ideas
  • Structure your posts in a clear, impactful way
  • Find an engaging, readable writing style

Just click to read my three minute guide to writing a business blog.

How to create the perfect one sentence pitch

And here’s another blog post, which will take the pain out of introducing your brand with a snappy pitch. It’ll help you:

  • Boil your pitch down to one sentence (or maybe two)
  • Introduce yourself unforgettably
  • Make sure whoever you’re talking to wants to know more

Just click to find out how to create the perfect one sentence elevator pitch.

I’ll be adding new ‘how to’ guides every so often. If you want me to let you know when a new one goes up, sign up for my mailing list:

I’ll also send through details of new blogposts every couple of weeks or so, plus any interesting brand language tips or news every month.

And once you’ve downloaded whatever you need, you can check out some of my own business writing on my blog.