I’m a remote copywriting and strategy specialist

Remote copywriting and content strategyRemote creative and strategic workshop deliveryRemote coaching, training and troubleshooting

I’m a very experienced remote copywriter and content strategist. Over the years, I’ve taken briefs and feedback from, and delivered completed projects for, brands in Australia, Japan and Singapore, Luxembourg and Germany, the USA, the UAE and Brazil, while hardly ever leaving my home office.

They’ve been for clients like Mastercard, Ford Australia, Mazda Japan and the European Investment Fund, working mostly through agencies from global events specialists Imagination to Los Angeles-based science fiction prototypers SciFutures.

I’d be very happy to deliver your project without any in-person meetings too, whether you’re all the way round the world in Australia or just down the road in the UK.

Delivering remote copywriting, content strategy, and coaching and training

We can carry out every project stage without any face-to-face get togethers:

  • Initial scoping and briefing
  • Content or strategy development and feedback
  • Final sign-off and handover

I’m very used to writing copy and developing content strategies at a distance. I’m currently replanning all my training workshops so I can deliver them online as well. So, if you need a remote copywriter, content strategist or coach, let’s have a (completely virtual) chat.