Finding the perfect words

Copywriting and editing perfect words

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Whether it’s a punchy brand name or a whole new website, better writing brings your brand to instant, unforgettable life. It helps your audience understand exactly what you can do for them and makes saying ‘yes’ to it the easiest, most natural choice.

We’ll think through what your new words need to say, then I’ll find the best way of saying it. We’ll make sure that all your key stakeholders buy into your new content as we go. You’ll end up with precisely targeted words that fit seamlessly with all the rest of your comms.

What you’ll get

I’ll write new words or edit what you’ve already got, creating brand content that:

  • Speaks clearly, directly and powerfully to the people you need to reach
  • Meshes seamlessly with all your other brand comms
  • Gets full buy-in and sign-off from all your key stakeholders

Of course, you might not be sure exactly what you want to say. That’s no problem – I can create a content strategy to guide your comms. And I can train you up if you want to write it yourself.

Other writing clients

I’ve been writing professionally for almost 20 years. Along the way I’ve written just about everything imaginable for just about every kind of client there is. You can see some recent projects and check out some writing samples here.