Coaching – Do you want to write like a pro?


Bespoke coaching and training will help bed in your new brand thinking. It’ll take a lot of stress and hassle out of your copywriting process too, whether you’re writing words yourself, managing internal writers or briefing it all out to your creative agencies.

Everything will be based on your everyday comms needs and challenges, so you’ll be able to put it all into practice straight away. You’ll have a lot of fun too. That’s because the more I can help you relax and enjoy yourself, the more you’ll take in and remember.

What you’ll get

Your coaching and training sessions will:

  • Help you achieve twice the impact in half the time with half the words
  • Build your people’s and your agencies’ understanding of your new brand thinking
  • Include targeted exercises helping with specific content challenges you’re facing

Then you’ll be all ready to create your own future proof content. That’s something I’ve helped quite a lot of other people with, over the years.