An observation on observation

Johnnie Moore uses this video to make a rather wonderful point about the need to notice what’s round us, without constriction. Certainly, it taught me a thing or two about how unobservant I can be: JM quotes Castaneda to support his point; I couldn’t help thinking of a William Blake line, ‘the eye sees moreContinue reading “An observation on observation”

How the Terminator broke my reality

Right, I’m confused about reality. No, really – a Warner Bros online marketing campaign has triggered an existential crisis, brought on by too much metafiction! Seems peculiar, but it’s the truth. Let me explain… Warner Bros are currently winding up for the release of the rather groovy looking Terminator Salvation – official website here. AsContinue reading “How the Terminator broke my reality”

Making the Black Death AND the office fun!

A quick entry this morning, as I’m rushing around today. So, rather than lots of typing, here are two links. The first is to a Science Museum site that uses rather nifty graphics and some eye-opening information to make the Black Death fun (who knew it could be?). Their proof reading could be better, tho’Continue reading “Making the Black Death AND the office fun!”