How to stop writing

Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing when to stop writing. It’s easy – and so frustrating – to find yourself spending ages on a document, going back over it again and again, adding more and more to make sure that absolutely everything essential is in there. That can be a surprisingly simple problem to solve.Continue reading “How to stop writing”

How to have a Good Idea

I’m part consultant, part author. In both roles, I have to come up with new ideas – and they have to be good ones. So there’s one question people very often ask me: ‘How do you have a Good Idea?’ Well, a Good Idea can feel like it’s come from nowhere. But there’s actually aContinue reading “How to have a Good Idea”

The Golden Secret of good writing

Yesterday Andy White interviewed me for SiteVisibility‘s weekly Internet Marketing Podcast. We talked about ‘Bringing your brand to life with words’. Our chat ended with a fascinating question about good writing. Andy asked: ‘What’s the one bit of advice you’d give to to help anyone write more effectively?’ I had to stop and think forContinue reading “The Golden Secret of good writing”

The process is the point

So in my ever-continuing quest to be a more dynamic, energetic consultant, I’ve joined one of the local gyms. In practice, it actually means that – on a reasonably regular basis – I’m actually a pinker, more puffed-out consultant, but we’ll get there. Yay Gympop! While training, I’ve been very struck by the gym’s visionContinue reading “The process is the point”