How to create impossibly imaginative brand stories

You probably already tell very realistic tales about your brand. Telling much more imaginative brand stories about it – science fiction, fantasy, even horror ones – can unlock very important truths about it too. That’s because those kinds of stories reveal different kinds of truths in different ways. Let’s start by understanding what those truthsContinue reading “How to create impossibly imaginative brand stories”

How to help your customers change

When you’re telling stories, you end up spending a lot of time thinking about change. That’s because stories are for the most part about why and how people change. And the way they map out change can help you think about the customer journey that turns people from distant prospects into committed customers. How changeContinue reading “How to help your customers change”

Why Dr Watson’s right about good writing

Sherlock Holmes is very famous indeed. His adventures have been translated into 76 different languages. The Guinness World of Records lists him as the ‘most portrayed movie character’, played by over 70 different actors in more than 200 movies. Even his computer game’s sold more than 7 million copies. But there’s one thing this mostContinue reading “Why Dr Watson’s right about good writing”

Lose the charts, just tell it as a story

I was at a tech meetup the other night. It was a hot evening and I’d had a glass of wine beforehand. All the presentations were full of fascinating info, but also quite technical and bullet pointy. So – as I’m sure you can imagine – my attention began to wander and I started feelingContinue reading “Lose the charts, just tell it as a story”

Getting through a crisis with stories and druids

The other day I met up with a crisis management expert. We had a fascinating chat – not least because we ended up talking about how important story telling is in his work. If you can’t tell a powerful story about how you’re going to get out of trouble, you’ll have big problems convincing anyoneContinue reading “Getting through a crisis with stories and druids”