Nicholas Negroponte in conversation

Nicholas Negroponte‘s an avuncular man and an incisive thinker. Yesterday I went to see him talk at TechHub in Old Street. I noted some of his comments – they’re in quotes below. I’ve added my own thoughts, too. 1. Going with the dynamic flow Early in his career, Negroponte realised that ‘the future of computerContinue reading “Nicholas Negroponte in conversation”

The killer app is other people

I’ve just spent part of the day experimenting with the Zen void that is Color while wandering round London. I found no traces of anyone else in Color’s virtual world; it was like LARPing ‘Waiting for Godot’, only with added futility. I ended up having flashblacks to the beginning of ’28 Days Later’, and gettingContinue reading “The killer app is other people”

The Matrix, Experience Channels, and THE WINE PACKAGING OF TOMORROW!!!

Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. He was wrong. In fact, in the future, everyone will be an advert for fifteen minutes. That’s because it’s in the nature of experience channels to allow just about anyone to share their impressions of a particular brand in a wayContinue reading “The Matrix, Experience Channels, and THE WINE PACKAGING OF TOMORROW!!!”

What is an Experience Channel?

Having introduced the idea of an Experience Channel in a previous post, I thought I’d sketch out what I meant by it in a little more detail. So, a few more thoughts on what exactly I think an Experience Channel is: Poly communication In an Experience Channel, communication isn’t one way or two way, butContinue reading “What is an Experience Channel?”

Watching the 20th Century

Well, it’s been another very hectic few weeks, so another period of hiatus on the blog! Not to worry, I am taking myself in hand (as they say) and should be reverting to a more regular publishing schedule from now on. And, of course, the reasons for the hiatus have been rather exciting. First ofContinue reading “Watching the 20th Century”

Getting informal at the BBC

Well, a fascinating Friday afternoon at the BBC Web at 20 documentary launch, surrounded by true web royalty, from Sir Tim Berners Lee down. Having been appropriately awed by said royalty, I decided that I am in fact a web urchin, and then sat down to enjoy the show. There doesn’t seem to be tooContinue reading “Getting informal at the BBC”

Co-operative sets, not competitive sets

The world of social media is all about building relationships with people who – in one way or another – share your obsessions. It’s built on a social model that emphasises progress through co-operation, rather than progress through competition. I’ve been thinking for a little while about how that emphasis on engagement through sharing canContinue reading “Co-operative sets, not competitive sets”

The Toy Story’s fear of the Purefold

I’ve been chatting to David and Tom at ag8 about the project that would become Purefold (a further, excellent summary here) since last year, so it’s fantastic to see it finally hitting the public domain; and very exciting that it’s getting such a positive reaction. However, I’m not how much what’s truly revolutionary about itContinue reading “The Toy Story’s fear of the Purefold”

Here Come 45 Social Propositions

Well, it’s been a fascinating few hours at Disappearing Towers, because I’ve been pondering Andy Gibson’s ‘45 Social by Social Propositions’, where he defines ‘a set of fundamental principles to follow to help make a social technology project successful’, and invites people to engage with / comment on / remix them. I’ve never been ableContinue reading “Here Come 45 Social Propositions”

How the Terminator broke my reality

Right, I’m confused about reality. No, really – a Warner Bros online marketing campaign has triggered an existential crisis, brought on by too much metafiction! Seems peculiar, but it’s the truth. Let me explain… Warner Bros are currently winding up for the release of the rather groovy looking Terminator Salvation – official website here. AsContinue reading “How the Terminator broke my reality”