Getting informal at the BBC

Well, a fascinating Friday afternoon at the BBC Web at 20 documentary launch, surrounded by true web royalty, from Sir Tim Berners Lee down. Having been appropriately awed by said royalty, I decided that I am in fact a web urchin, and then sat down to enjoy the show. There doesn’t seem to be tooContinue reading “Getting informal at the BBC”

Here Come 45 Social Propositions

Well, it’s been a fascinating few hours at Disappearing Towers, because I’ve been pondering Andy Gibson’s ‘45 Social by Social Propositions’, where he defines ‘a set of fundamental principles to follow to help make a social technology project successful’, and invites people to engage with / comment on / remix them. I’ve never been ableContinue reading “Here Come 45 Social Propositions”

How the Terminator broke my reality

Right, I’m confused about reality. No, really – a Warner Bros online marketing campaign has triggered an existential crisis, brought on by too much metafiction! Seems peculiar, but it’s the truth. Let me explain… Warner Bros are currently winding up for the release of the rather groovy looking Terminator Salvation – official website here. AsContinue reading “How the Terminator broke my reality”

On becoming an organisation

In his late 50s essay. ‘A Process Conception of Psychotherapy’, noted American psychologist Carl R. Rogers laid out a for-the-time revolutionary theory of how patients progress through the therapeutic process. That essay remains very resonant, often in surprising ways. Re-reading it the other day, I was struck – for example – by how it deliversContinue reading “On becoming an organisation”

Making the Black Death AND the office fun!

A quick entry this morning, as I’m rushing around today. So, rather than lots of typing, here are two links. The first is to a Science Museum site that uses rather nifty graphics and some eye-opening information to make the Black Death fun (who knew it could be?). Their proof reading could be better, tho’Continue reading “Making the Black Death AND the office fun!”

Moi, the provisional mini-meme

Well, I seem to have become a very modest viral presence on YouTube. The lovely people from UKParliament asked me for my thoughts on government and social media at the Tuttle Club a couple of weeks ago; the resulting clip has now been watched by nearly 1,000 people. Watching it again, my main thought wasContinue reading “Moi, the provisional mini-meme”