How to create impossibly imaginative brand stories

You probably already tell very realistic tales about your brand. Telling much more imaginative brand stories about it – science fiction, fantasy, even horror ones – can unlock very important truths about it too. That’s because those kinds of stories reveal different kinds of truths in different ways. Let’s start by understanding what those truthsContinue reading “How to create impossibly imaginative brand stories”

Creativity learnings with Primal Scream

Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’ album came along at just the right time for me. It exploded across the 90s horizon in a kaleidoscopic blast of dub, techno, rock and roll, and general saucer-eyed creativity just as I stepped out of my rather bland schooldays and into far more colourful worlds. Then, a couple of years later,Continue reading “Creativity learnings with Primal Scream”

How to future proof your brand

One of the first things I learned about the future is that making lots of varied guesses about it is much more productive than trying make a few perfect predictions. That’s because the only thing you can confidently say about tomorrow is that it’ll surprise you. So, the best way to future proof your brandContinue reading “How to future proof your brand”

How to have a Good Idea

I’m part consultant, part author. In both roles, I have to come up with new ideas – and they have to be good ones. So there’s one question people very often ask me: ‘How do you have a Good Idea?’ Well, a Good Idea can feel like it’s come from nowhere. But there’s actually aContinue reading “How to have a Good Idea”

Information wants to be far more than free

So that ‘Information wants to be free’ slogan has always annoyed me a little. Partially that’s because of what it’s led to – a world in which services support ‘free’ by turning their users into the product. More importantly, it gets to me because it’s actually only one part of a much more inspiring statementContinue reading “Information wants to be far more than free”

Distraction is the mother of invention

I’ve just been planning out a ‘creative writing in business’ workshop. As part of it, I’m going to be sending people out for a slightly random wander round the neighbourhood. That might seem counter-intuitive – people usually think of workshops as being tightly planned and very focussed – but in fact purposeful self-distraction is keyContinue reading “Distraction is the mother of invention”