Let’s build on what we all share

I’ve had a pretty civic-minded week. First I hit The FuseBox to learn about the future of Brighton & Hove from Nick Hibberd, B&H Council’s Director of Economy, Environment and Culture, and his colleague Max Woodford. Then I heard Keith Taylor, our local MEP, talk about Brexit. All that’s set me thinking about how cooperation’sContinue reading “Let’s build on what we all share”

Nicholas Negroponte in conversation

Nicholas Negroponte‘s an avuncular man and an incisive thinker. Yesterday I went to see him talk at TechHub in Old Street. I noted some of his comments – they’re in quotes below. I’ve added my own thoughts, too. 1. Going with the dynamic flow Early in his career, Negroponte realised that ‘the future of computerContinue reading “Nicholas Negroponte in conversation”