Making the Black Death AND the office fun!

A quick entry this morning, as I’m rushing around today. So, rather than lots of typing, here are two links.

The first is to a Science Museum site that uses rather nifty graphics and some eye-opening information to make the Black Death fun (who knew it could be?). Their proof reading could be better, tho’ I do love the idea of seeing off the plague by firing Canons, rather than cannons. Of course modern science has proved they should have sacked the Bishops, but hey…

The second is to this lovely little Penguin Books promo site for Alain De Botton’s ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’. They’re really on a roll just now; their online work is quirky, creative and genuinely thoughtful about moving the experience of reading onto the web.

One thought on “Making the Black Death AND the office fun!

  1. Add that to my Pre-Raphaelites at the office and suddenly life at the 9-5 no long seems so mundane. If only they would invent a desk boil lancing kit, I’ve already got a miniture Guillotine in preparation for “My Page-A-Day French Revolution” 😀

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