Who I am

Hello, I’m Al Robertson. It’s lovely to meet you! And this is me:

At this point in real life I’d be finding you a seat and offering you a coffee and a biscuit. Unfortunately, I can’t yet do that virtually – but I hope you’re sat somewhere comfortable with something hot and lovely to drink, and perhaps something tasty to snack on too.

Anyway, about me:

My business life

I’m a Brand Language Consultant with over twenty years of marketing and creative experience. I’ve been working independently for the last ten years or so, after stints at Imagination, Corporate Edge and client-side at Unilever. I focus on words because I began as a writer – they’re still at the heart of everything I do.

My author life

When I’m not working with brands I’m a science fiction author. I’ve published two novels, ‘Crashing Heaven’ and ‘Waking Hell’, with Gollancz and am now deep in the third one. I learned about narrative by working in feature film development for the BBC and others. My future thinking and storytelling skills all feed very directly into the work I do for my corporate clients.

Find out more

Here are some of my recent projects. If you want to find out more about my long-term career history, it’s all up on my LinkedIn page. And there’s more about my books and other authorial activities over at my fiction site, allumination.