I can help you dig deep into your brand’s personality, then tell the stories that bring it to life for your customers, clients, peers and people. We can look at their narratives too, understanding how to help them overcome the obstacles and achieve the goals that really matter to them.

That’s because I’ve spent a lot of time telling my own stories. I’ve published two acclaimed SF novels, ‘Crashing Heaven’ and ‘Waking Hell’, through Gollancz, the UK’s oldest specialist genre publisher. I’ve appeared in short story anthologies alongside writers including Stephen King, Joe Hill, Bruce Sterling and Ray Bradbury. And I first learned about narrative by working in feature film development for people like the BBC and Working Title.

There’s more on that side of my life – and my current role as Writer-in-Residence at Brighton tech hub The FuseBox – over at my fiction site, allumination.