Do you want an expert writing for you?

A lot of the time – especially once your people and your agencies are all trained up – it makes sense to do the Editing and Writing yourself.

But when there’s something big to create – an important CEO speech, or the booklet that explains your new strategy to thousands of stakeholders, or the guide documents that show everyone how your new tone of voice actually works – you can always call on my Editing and Writing expertise.

I’ll guide you through a simple, effective Editing and Writing process that will leave you with precisely targeted, fully on-brand and – of course – beautifully written content.

I’ll edit your existing content or write new words that:

  • get full buy-in from all the right people, right across your business
  • mesh seamlessly with all your other brand comms
  • speak clearly, directly and powerfully to the audiences you need to reach

And then you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. It’s something I’ve helped quite a lot of other people with, over the years.