Is your brand future proof?

Tomorrow’s an unpredictable place. The only thing you can really be sure of is that the brands who’ll make the most of it are the ones who’ve already started building the strongest, smartest, most resilient foundations.

That’s where I come in.

We can work together to use words to future proof your brand. We’ll do that by fine tuning your brand writing, making sure it brings the best of you to life, gets the right people’s attention and delivers the messages they need to hear.

That will help you build deeper, more enduring relationships with your current customers and give valuable new ones compelling reasons to do business with you. And it’ll make it much easier to inspire all the great people who are part of your organisation, too.

All that’s an excellent foundation for making the most of tomorrow.

So how does it work?

It’s a very simple process. We’ll start with a brand writing audit, to see how you’re already doing. Then we’ll pin down:

They’ll show you how to create clear, compelling content that speaks directly to your customers and your people. And once they’re in place, I can help you bed them in with Coaching and Training or even take on some of the Editing and Writing for you.

And why me?

Well, I’ve been deep in brand strategy and language for quite a while. Over the years, I’ve helped clients like Twinings, Ronseal, Vodafone, Legal & General and Lloyd’s of London find the words that future proof their brands. Sometimes I’ve worked directly with them, sometimes through creative agencies like Afia or Imagination.

And when I’m not helping brands I’m a science fiction author, with two novels published internationally and a third on the way. So, one way or another, I’ve already spent a lot of time getting ready for whatever’s next.

Now I’d love to help you make the most of tomorrow too.

Let’s see how we’d get started.