who are you?

I’ve spent the last couple of years helping people define their brands, then bring them to life through good writing. Most of it’s been through tone of voice mavens Afia. Among others I’ve helped hundreds of mobile comms people, quite a few DIY folk and some international IT experts work out what they need to say and how best to say it.

writing books

It’s not strictly part of my corporate writing life, but my first book’s out! Crashing Heaven came out with Gollancz this summer. I’ve collected news and reviews on my Facebook page. There’s more about my life in fiction over at my other site, allumination. Oh, and Crashing Heaven’s sequel Waking Hell is due in June 2016…

talking at playful

I’ve just spent a Friday at the ever wonderful Playful conference, talking about science fiction as the literature of play. I’ve put full details up over at allumination, my weird fiction site – click here for the text of the speech, and here for more info about some of the writers I mentioned.

bringing Horace Walpole back to life

The newly refurbished Strawberry Hill House needed a guide as quirkily splendid as it is. I dug into its history, adopted the voice of Sir Horace Walpole (inventor of the Gothic and builder of the house) and wrote the audioguide as a forty five minute radio play, centred on him and online here.

editing Mastercard

I’ve been editing some pretty substantial documents for Mastercard. It’s been fascinating getting insights into the truly global scale of their operations, and quite a challenge working with people in – and pulling together information from – so many different timezones.

helping architects find a new name

The architects formerly known as Hamiltons were looking for a new brand name to reflect their new management, new ambitions and new working culture. I helped them understand and explore the naming choices available so that  they could be sure that they were making the right strategic and creative decision.

building a website for a sculptor

I worked with sculptor Katusha Bull to define her brand and put together her website. It’s been fascinating thinking about how best to present and explain her work to the world, and helping her begin to blog. The site’s now up and running, and you can take a look at it – and explore her rather lovely sculptures – by clicking here.

blogging about British Council films

I blogged for Counterpoint, the British Council‘s thinktank, about the films the Council produced and distributed from the mid 30s on. You can read my blog posts here, and watch me talking about the films on the Counterpoint site. The blog was part of the British Council’s Social Planet project, celebrating 75 years of the British Council.

editing ‘After the War on Drugs’

I edited drugs legalisation charity Transform’s new guide to options for the legal regulation of drugs, ‘Blueprint for Change: After the War on Drugs’. It’s now been launched in book form and is available for download here, along with the Executive Summary, which I wrote from scratch.

consulting with The Tuttle Club

The Tuttle Club is London’s leading social media cafe. I defined the Crowd / Tribe / Team process that helped its members work with Counterpoint, the British Council’s thinktank, to develop a range of social media projects to celebrate the British Council’s 75th birthday.

defining The Hub at Pacific Quay

The Hub at Pacific Quay was a new development at the heart of Glasgow’s digital quarter. Its developers weren’t quite sure how to talk to their target audience. I developed the ‘seriously creative community’ positioning for them, and then wrote their website around it.